Fauna Bio is an inclusive environment committed to building a diverse team of researchers.

We are currently looking for skilled bench scientists with extensive cell culture experience. 

Job Description: 

Conduct experiments utilizing cell culture techniques and basic molecular biological techniques.  Specifically, perform cell culture and basic molecular biologic techniques, including cell growth, isolation of DNA, RNA and protein from cells and tissues, protein immunoblots, PCR and gene expression analysis, metabolic function analysis, plasmid preparation, gene transduction and construction of viral gene transduction reagents.  Aid in developing assays appropriate for high-throughput screening.  Keep and organize laboratory inventory of supplies.  Order and purchase laboratory supplies as needed.  General lab maintenance where indicated.  Utilize standard protocols and troubleshoot new protocols through the application of theoretical knowledge acquired from input from supervisor and experiments in the field, in order to simplify or reduce error and inconsistency in results.


Skills required: 

Understanding of molecular and cell biology principles and previous experience with tissue culture and molecular biology techniques.  Ability to learn independently through reading of the literature.  Must be detail-oriented and able to keep accurate records of experiments.  Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with a diverse group of staff.  Good organizational and computer skills required.  Minimum 2-5 years of relevant experience in industry or academia. 

Please contact to apply